Monday, June 15, 2009

Case Study #001: Mijailo Mijailovic or the Assasination of Anna Lindh

Lone Wolf terrorist Mijailo Mijailovic, born in 1978, is a Swedish man of Bosnian descent who stalked then killed (stabbing her numerous times with a knife) Foreign Minister Anna Lindh the day before the second anniversary of 9/11 - September 10, 2003 - in a department store in the country's capital city.

Mijailovic was not an unknown to Swedish authorities. A high school dropout, he had been convicted of assault with a deadly weapon (using a knife against his father), illegal gun possession as well as making threatening phone calls. He had a history of metal illness - a court ruled him in need a psychological evaluation in 1997 - and later later claimed he heard voices (it was determined he was schitzophrenic and his life sentence was thrown out).

Didn't think it can happen Sweden?

Well, as the head of the FBI's Ohio office told the press after they took down the Toledo Cell:

"If it can happen here, it can happen anywhere."

Recent press reports have highlighted the threat.
Update... Sunday, June 28, 2009
Pakistan plot to blow up Swedish Embassy!
Interview with Swedish authority (translated) about radicalization.

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