Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Just how many Muslims are there anyway?

I devoted a good deal of my research to examining the size of the American Muslim population.

Estimates place the number between two and eight million people.

Although, the CIA estimates that there are less then two million Muslims in the U.S. which I think is a number a lot of people would disagree with.

The highest estimate I've ever heard is nine million, but it is unsubstantiated.

Six million tends to be the most commonly cited statistic.

And it is my personal opinion that the number may be as high as seven million.

That is why I was excited when the President placed the number at seven million in his Cairo speech.

But just a few days ago, Obama told that Pakistanis that we have five million Muslims.

So the question is, where did all the Muslims go?

Did they disappear like in A Day Without a Mexican?

Or does Obama just not know?

(I think its the latter.)

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